Daytona Beach - Beach Warning Flags
Live olive shells on Daytona Beach

Atlantic Ghost Crab on the Daytona Beach Shores

While spending time on the beaches in the Daytona Beach area you may see a small crab scurry by out of the corner of your eye. You can see their holes in the ground, where they dig burrows and crawl down inside (each burrow having two almost identical holes). Those holes you see dotting the beach, from the ghost crabs, can go down as much as three to four feet. Having two eyes on top of their body, they are able to see 360 degrees simultaneously, although they are not able to see what is directly above them. They have earned their name because they are so elusive, quickly able to move out of of range.

 Here's a picture of a ghost crab taken on Daytona Beach Shores yesterday, along with a video.




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