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5 Ways to Get Exercise on the Beaches of Daytona Beach

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Looking for some fun ways to get exercise on the beach while you are visiting Daytona Beach? You are in luck, there are several ways you can do just that. Swimming isn't the only way to have fun at the beach. Here are a few more ways to get in a great workout:

  • Go for a run or walk. The beach is a great place to take a run or walk. Go at your own pace, enjoy the peaceful surroundings and get in some cardio. You can't beat it! Read some tips on running on the beaches of Daytona Beach here.
  • Do some beach yoga. There are local places that offer yoga on the beach. Even if you are on vacation you can get in on the fun and pay per class. Cherise's Heavenly Fitness offers beach yoga twice per week in the evening. 
  • Consider tai chi. You can do some tai chi on the beach. This gentle form of martial arts is great for reducing stress, mindfulness, balance, and relaxation. Tai Chi By the Sea holds classes each week in New Smyrna Beach. 
  • Take up surfing or paddle boarding. This provides a fun and effective workout if you don't mind getting out into the water. You can take surf lessons, a guided paddle boarding tour, or rent the boards and go it alone. Visit one of the local surf shops along the beach to inquire about surf lessons or group paddle boarding tours. For paddle boarding tours and lessons, check with Three Brothers Boards or Ponce Inlet Water Sports. For surf board rentals check with Salty Dog or Surfari
  • Create your own workout. It's not unusual to see people doing their own workout on the beach. Some include running or biking, while others are on a towel doing push-ups and squats. The great thing about the beach culture is that you and do things like this and nobody minds. Put together your own workout and have fun.

Many people find it relaxing and motivating to get exercise on the beach while they are visiting the area. Whether you go with one of these options or you create one of our own, you are sure to enjoy the workout on beautiful Daytona Beach!