Tips on Choosing Where to Stay In the Daytona Beach Area
Turtle Nest on Daytona Beach

Setting up on Daytona Beach - getting comfortable on the beach!


If you are vacationing in the Daytona Beach are you will want something to sit on that will be comfortable. You have numerous options available you, including using a towel, purchasing something from the store to use while you are here (you can give it to the hotel when you leave, so they can possibly give it to another guest), or you can rent beach chairs and an umbrella. 

Along particular areas of the beach you will find beach umbrellas and chairs set up, some with small tables included. These are for rent and cost around $30 for the day. If you live here that may not be worth it, but if you are on vacation it may be worth it to have such a nice hook up while on the beach.

You will see the beach chairs and umbrella that had just been set up during high tide in the morning. But once the tide goes down this was going to be perfect placement. 

Whether you use a towel, beach chair, or see if your hotel will loan you something to use, there are options for everyone. And some people skip the towels and chairs and just in the water. That works, too!