Setting up on Daytona Beach - getting comfortable on the beach!
Beach Party in New Smryna Beach (2015)

Turtle Nest on Daytona Beach


When we took a walk along the beach this week we came across a familiar site. This is a turtle nest and it's protected. The turtle went up by the dunes area of the beach in Daytona Beach to lay its eggs. The turtle patrol then comes along and marks the area of the nest off, so that it is protected. One the turtles hatch they will quickly make their way down the beach to the ocean. Beautiful!

Turtle nesting season is May 1st through October 31st. During that time, it's important to avoid having artificial lights on the beach. Once it is dark, condos and hotels need to have the lights off that are close to the beach. Once the sea turtles hatch, they will be guided by the moonlight to the water. If there are artificial lights on in hotels, condos, etc, then it may disorient them, leading them to go the wrong way, and ultimately toward a likely death. Also, never disturb sea turtle nests.