Harmonica Festival in New Smyrna Beach (2015)
Bike Night in Port Orange

9 Reasons to Visit Daytona Beach for Your Next Vacation


Each year, nearly 95 million people visit Florida. There are many wonderful places within the state of Florida to visit for a vacation. We have a state filled with many great opportunities and hot spots. Whether you are looking to relax or you are a thrill seeker. One of the well known destinations on that list is Daytona Beach, and it is popular for many reasons.

If you are considering where in Florida vacation, you should give the Daytona Beach area some serious consideration. Here are 10 reasons to visit the Daytona Beach area for your next Florida vacation:

1. Beauty. The Daytona Beach area is beautiful and offers 47 miles of beach line. The area has white soft sand beaches that are clean and inviting. You can't beat the beautiful beaches in this county, whether you are going to hit them up in Ormond Beach, right in the heart of Daytona Beach, or down in the New Smyrna Beach area. There's a piece of beach for everyone.

2. Options. Whether you are into NASCAR, bike week activities, or you like to jet ski, the Daytona Beach area has plenty of options to choose from. It's a paradise for those who want to engage in outdoor activities or do things like hook up with other bikers and race fans.

3. Proximity. Daytona Beach is just about an hour away from Orlando, which means you can stay here on the beautiful beach and plan some day trips to see other things. Head north and in an hour you can check out St. Augustine, or an hour and half and you will be in Jacksonville. The area is close enough to drive to some major attractions on one or two days of your vacation, and then relax at the beach for the rest of them. Orlando is the theme park hot spot, while St. Augustine offers a unique look at historical sites.

4. Driving. There are still many areas of the beach here where you can drive on it. This is not very common, considering most beaches close the access to vehicles now. There is an ongoing debate about that here, but for now you can still drive on many areas.

5. Outdoor activities. If you like to do things like hike, kayak, surfing, or stand-up paddleboarding, then the Daytona Beach area is a great option. There are many places to do these fun outdoor activities. We have plenty of great hiking trails, two natural springs you can swim in during the summer months, and places to kayak or get onto and into the water in other ways.

6. Manatees. If you are visiting Florida during the winter months and you want to catch a glimpse of some manatees in their natural habitat, then you will be in luck. Blue Spring State Park, located in Orange City (about a 20-25 minute drive from Daytona Beach) is a great place to see hundreds of manatee on chilly winter mornings when they seek refuge in the spring.

7. Places to check out. There are some really neat places to visit in the area while you are vacationing here. Beyond the outdoor options already mentioned, other good options include the Marine Science Center, the Lyonia Environmental Center, the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, and The Casements.

8. History. If you are someone who appreciates history you will find some interesting places to check out in the area. This includes the vacation home of Rockefeller, Bethune-Cookman beginnings, NASCAR, Gamble Place on Spruce Creek, Sugar Mill Ruins, and the beginning of where races first took place on the beach. There are plenty of places offering a glimpse of history to explore in the area.

9. Relaxation. The beaches in the Daytona area are great for rest and relaxation. There is enough beach access that you can find a little area just for you and get away from everything. Find a comfy lounge chair, sip a drink, and just relax the day away.