Daytona Beach weekly improv comedy at Cinematique (2017)
2017 New Smyrna Beach Mac & Cheese Challenge

No-drive beaches in Daytona Beach? No problem!

Most of the beach in Daytona Beach is driving beach, meaning that you can drive your car down it. Many people like this, as it's a pleasant drive to take, it makes it easy to set up your things on the beach, and it's convenient. Yet there are some parents who don't like it, because if their young kids are playing they may not be mindful of cars going by. There have been problems that arise, so there are parents who prefer a no-drive beach.

There are numerous n0-drive beach areas in Daytona Beach, going from Ormond Beach down to Ponce Inlet.  Check out the map below for information about where no-drive beach access is and where off-beach parking is found.