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The Cabbage Patch - Ultimate Biker Bar in Daytona Beach Area


If you are visiting the Daytona Beach area and you are a biker you will not want to miss a stop by the Cabbage Patch. Located a just past the suburban homes in the more rural around of the county, this bar has become iconic over the years for all things bikers. And as more bikers catch on, the activities and offerings at this biker bar continue to grow and expand. Whether you just take a drive by to see it, snap a few photos, or stop in for a drink, you will want to add this biker bar to your list of places to check out.

All year long you will find people checking out the Cabbage Patch. The weekends that are quieter still have plenty of bikers that stop by. During weeks like Bike Week and Biketoberfest, the place is an amazing party stop for bikers and those who want to check out the bikers. During buisier weeks there are hundreds of bikers there and at times there are even police controlling traffic. It gets that busy at this little place!

During Bike Week you will find that the Cabbage Patch offers a wide variety of activities, including coleslaw wrestling (bikini-clad women wrestling in coleslaw, anyone?), entertainers, classic car and truck shows, food, and much more. It gets so busy during these times that they bring in and set up a slew of porta-potties, and they have an adjacent campground, called Cackleberry's Campground, that gets packed with people staying in tents and RV's. One of the cool things about the Cabbage Patch is to see the chickens and roosters that freely walk around the grounds.

The Cabbage Patch may be a small bar, where the walls adorn the graffiti of the many people who have stopped by, but it's the type of place you can't help but to find interesting. Even those who don't plan to stop in can't help but to take the scenery in as they drive by or stop at the four-corner stop right out front. The Cabbage Patch seems like a rural biker hangout that you'd see featured in a movie, but it's for real and it's something people who live locally and from around the country love. It's a little hole in the wall that is a biker haven, biker hangout, and all around cool place to check out. It's the ultimate biker bar in the Daytona Beach area!

Sadly, the owner of the Cabbage Patch bar was killed in an accident in 2017. He may be gone, but his Cabbage Patch legacy lives on. Bikers and those who appreciate them will want to check out the Cabbage Patch when they visit the Daytona Beach area. It's located at 549 Tomoka Farms Rd in Samsula (just over the Port Orange city line). It's about a 15-20 drive from Daytona Beach, but well worth the drive. Check out the Cabbage Patch site here to see their event lineup, hours, and more.